Dr. Ladame

I was born in Ruffec, South West of France in 1974 and did my undergraduate studies in Chemistry at the University of Poitiers (1994-1997). I then moved further South to carry out a PhD in the University of Toulouse, within the laboratory of Prof. Jacques Périé and under the supervision of Dr Michèle Wilson (1997-2001). I then travelled to the University of Cambridge (UK) to work for five years (2006-2010) as a post-doctoral researcher in the group of Prof. Shankar Balasubramanian within the department of Chemistry. In 2006, I joined the CNRS as an Assistant Professor (Chargé de Recherche 1ère classe, CR1) in Strasbourg (France) and started my independent academic career as a junior group leader within the ‘Institut de Science et d’Ingénierie Supramoléculaires’ (ISIS). Four years later, in 2010, I moved back to the UK and became lecturer in the department of Bioengineering of Imperial College London (UK) where I am currently directing a research laboratory interested in the engineering of nucleic acid binding ligands and probes.


1994-1997: Master’s degree (Chemistry) University of Poitiers (France)

1997-2001: PhD (Chemistry of Biomolecules), University of Toulouse (France)

 Professional History:

2001-2006: Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge (UK)

2006-2010: Assistant Professor (CNRS, CR1) at the ‘Institut de Science et d’Ingenierie Supramoleculaires’ (ISIS) at the University of Strasbourg (France)

2010: Lecturer at the department of Bioengineering of Imperial College London (UK)