Lab Members


Dr. Mazen Sleiman (Research Associate)


  • PhD, Organic Chemistry, Universite Claude Bernard Lyon 1.


Miss Youngeun Choi (Research Assistant)

Research: Coumarin-based PNA biosensor probe design, synthesis, and optimization for the early diagnosis of cancer and osteoarthritis.

  • MRes, Nanomaterials, Imperial College London.
  • BSc, Chemistry, POSTECH.

Mr Douglas Vair-Turnbull (PhD student, Faculty of Engineering Studentship)

Research: G-quadruplex targeting with PNA sequences for transcriptional modulation and therapeutic outcomes.

  • PhD, Bioengineering, Imperial College London.
  • MBiolSci, Biochemistry (plus 1yr in industry), University of Sheffield.

Mr Gavin Metcalf (PhD student, CRUK-Faculty of Engineering Studentship)

Research: Fluorescent coumarin-based PNA biosensors for early stage diagnosis and improved prognosis of hormonal cancers.

  • PhD, Bioengineering, Imperial College London. (Current)
  • MRes, Cancer Biology, Imperial College London.
  • BSc, Human Biosciences (Biochemistry), University of Northampton.

Visiting Scholars:

Miss Michela Zuffo (ERASMUS student)

Research: Fluorescent NDI and coumarin-based ligands for G-quadruplex structures.

  • MSc, Organic Chemistry, Univeristà degli Studi di Pavia (Current).
  • BSc, Chemistry, Univeristà degli Studi di Pavia.

Project students: 

Miss Isobel Steer (MRes, co-supervisor Dr Danny O’Hare)

Miss Margarita Dimitrova (4th year MEng student)

Miss Raphaelle Rouzeau (MSc student)

Mr Matthew Chin (MSc student)

Mr Anastasios Samarentsis (MSc student)


Miss Teia Negoita (UROP student)

Mr. Shaolin Liang (MRes, co-supervisor, Prof. Tony Cass)

Mr. Hinesh Patel (Whitaker Fellow)

Mr. Vincenzo Spalluto

Mrs Ornella Zuddas

Mr. Kar Lee Cheng

Mr. Reiji Nakatani

Mrs. Sandra Donohoe

Mrs. Laetitia Lalla

Mr. Atipat Patharagulpong

Mr. Guoqing Yin

Mrs. Claudia Percivalle

Mr. Mihails Delmans

Mrs. Domitille Loriot

Mr. Vasileios Papavasileiou

Mrs. Wenjin Xu

Mr. Guillaume Garivet